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Our Services

Our Services

Benefits Our Customers Receive

Benefits Our Customers Receive

Profit Through Intellectual Property

Through the creation and successful application of intelligent and individual software, companies increase their corporate value. The intellectual property of the software produced by Mobileaders belongs 100% to our customers.

Comprehensive Software Service

In addition to software development from scratch, we offer all maintenance services to ensure efficiency. This includes quality and security tests to guarantee the long-term success of your software.

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Professional Treatment of Clients

The professional handling of our customers is our main focus. We guarantee availability at all times and close contact with each of our clients. Our partners can rely on transparency and discretion during and after our cooperation.

Solving Any Software Request

Our team is highly committed, motivated and future-oriented. We delight our customers by tackling every problem and finding solutions to all technical challenges. In the past, we have been able to handle large-scale projects at short notice, and we still do so today.


Our clients benefit from the trust they place in our work. We guarantee high-quality results and transparency in all our work areas. Our products are fully comprehensive, safe, individually tailored and always on the cutting edge of technology.

Our recent projects


Drinking Water Donation App for Selected Mosques


With this app, water bottles, or refrigerators can be donated to selected mosques.The app has features that allow users to select different products. In addition, a clear map can be used to choose the mosque to which the drinking water for the worshippers will be delivered. The numerous payment options make it easy to use the app worldwide.

Online Grocery Shopping


The Bin-Naji app is part of a supermarket chain, through which customers can make their purchases of groceries online, and pick them up at the nearest location. Moreover, the app displays offers and discounts, about which customers receive notifications on their smartphones. The fact that we have integrated a multi-tier infrastructure into the software ensures that the app shows customers the availability status of all products in real time.

bn naji
Food Delivery Application


With this app, customers can order food online, it is a direct channel for connecting with customers to draw their attention to new offers and allows them to collect loyalty points. In addition to detailed information on prices, ingredients and allergy details, the app also offers the possibility of online payment.

Recent Posts
Recent Posts

Recent Posts

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Guide to compliance for startups

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Five Ways to Monetize with Mobile Applications

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