Growth Hacking: Times Change and so does the World of Marketing!

Gone are the days when a double-page spread in a newspaper attracted great attention, gone are the days when advertising on billboards or expensive TV spots reached thousands of people, of whom only a small fraction belonged to the desired target group.  Why has the marketing world changed so rapidly in the last few decades?  […]

Guide to compliance for startups

In recent years, various laws have been enacted around the world to promote ethics, transparency and responsibility in the corporate environment. At the same time, the debate about the need for compliance – the sector responsible for ensuring the compliance of companies and institutions with the legislation – has gained prominence. Gone are the days […]

Five Ways to Monetize with Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are software that comes with our phones, and there is a infinite of them that continues to grow with the popularization of the smartphone that accounts for 50% of the time used with digital media. Just in the last year (2020), there were more than 210 billion downloads, and that number just keeps […]