How Augmented Reality shapes the World of Business

While virtual reality (VR) is very present in the media, augmented reality (AR) seems to have a minor platform. However, AR is by no means in the shadow of VR, more so its special features make it possible to become ever present in the future and reshape the business world in almost every sector.  What […]

How Do You Balance Security Policies and User Experience?

In recent months, cases of data leakage and misuse of customer information have generated several damages in some organizations. Facebook is one of the most emblematic recent examples, as it lost a large market value and was forced to hastily modify its privacy policies under the angry eyes of its users. In the financial sector […]

Everything About App Store Optimization

What if we told you that there is a way to optimize your app in the app stores, making it appear in front of competitors for a penny more? With ASO (or App Store Optimization), this is possible! If you are an app operator, this is a very interesting topic, as many people decide to […]

Improve Performance and Reduce Reflow Repaint

Recently I came to know about Reflow and Repaint, how they affect web performance, so I writing this post to give insights about Reflow, Repaints, and how all of this affects our performance and reopen our series about minimizing code. Critical rendering path The Critical Rendering Path is the sequence of steps the browser goes […]

Produt Market Fit – What is it and how important is it for startups?

Have you ever heard of the term “product market fit” or PMF? It is used to evaluate the performance of a product within a given market. Key factors which shape PMF are consumer loyalty, competitor qualification, and the ability to deliver value. According to Andreesse, the creator of the concept, good PMF means fitting into […]

Minimize code duplication

Keeping code DRY and maintainable is one of the biggest challenges in software development, and that applies to CSS as well. In practice, one big component of maintainable code is minimizing the number of edits necessary to make a change. For example, if to enlarge a button you need to make 10 edits in many […]

Buy Standart Software or Get Custom Software?

Software is an indispensable part of modern business activities. No matter what industry software plays an essential role. Internally, software relieves employees, for example in enterprise resource planning (ERP) tasks. Externally deployed software can look very different and play an important factor in generating growth.  Before introducing a new software into the business, it should […]

Why don’t use Bootstrap or any CSS framework anymore?

If you don’t know bootstrap is, Bootstrap is a CSS framework. All sites look the same! When you start to see the same layout over and over, users are tired of seeing the same old Twitter Bootstrap theme again. Black header, giant hero, rounded blue buttons, Helvetica Neue. Yes, we can customize the header to be […]

Guide for compliance to Start-ups

In recent years, several laws have been enacted around the world to promote ethics, transparency, and accountability in the business environment. At the same time, the debate about the need for compliance – the industry responsible for ensuring compliance by companies and institutions – has gained prominence. Studies say that 3 out of 4 startups […]

What You Need To Know About CSS Variables ?

CSS variables are entities defined by CSS authors that contain specific values to be reused throughout a document. They are set using custom property notation, Variables follow the same scope and inheritance rules like any other CSS definition. The easiest way to use them, is to make them globally available, by adding the declarations to […]