API Integration and Development


API stands for application programming interface. It consists of several tools, definitions and protocols that are used to develop and integrate application software.  With an API, products or services can communicate with each other independently of their implementation. This leads to an optimisation of application development and saves time and money. In addition, APIs are flexible and simplify handling, regardless of whether new tools and products are being developed or existing ones are being upgraded. 

The 3 types of API:

Private API

Private API is for internal company use. It creates therefore the greatest possible control for the companies.

Partner API

API can also be shared with specific business partners. Advantages here are the development of new revenue streams while maintaining quality standards. 

Public API

Public API is available to everyone. Third parties can develop apps to interact with your API. This form opens up special innovation opportunities for companies.

Adding Unique Functions

We advise our customers on the integration and development of API.  We also explain advantages and demonstrate which interfaces are appropriate and feasible for the respective software. Through flawless API, software opens up unique functions that enrich the usage.


Mobileaders offer our customers the integration and adjustment of APIs. This involves creating interfaces between different systems and making the necessary changes to guarantee smooth functioning.


Mobileleaders helps customers expand their software capabilities by taking an innovative approach and developing new interfaces themselves.