Organisation and Implementation of Workshops for the Development of Large-Scale Software

Improving the Ecosystem of a New Platform

About the Customer

Who is Microsoft?

Microsoft is the world’s largest software company, producing computer software, personal computers and related services.
Since its foundation in 1975, the company’s product range has become increasingly diverse. The expansion of the mobile phone sector began in the 1990s and celebrated great success especially after the takeover of their partner Nokia in 2013.

Project Background

Acquiring companies from other industries can come with some risks. When Microsoft launched its Windows Mobile software platform (then Windows Phone platform), some challenges had to be solved.

  • Build Solid Base of Good Engineers
  • Increasing Expertise in the Technical Application of the New Platform
  • Improvement of the platform ecosystem
  • Adding Large Amounts of Quality Apps to the Platform

The Solution

Implementing Large Scale Workshops

For this purpose, Microsoft sponsored a training project to spread the technical knowledge about the Windows Phone platform and in order to generate a large mass of Android apps.

Mobileaders already had experience in organising and implementing large-scale projects to distribute technical knowledge and train engineers in practical software development tasks.

Our Impact

  • Application of Agile Software Management Methods
  • Instruction in new techniques of the Windows Phone platform
  • Observation of new app development
  • Improving the view and download rate

Benefits for Microsoft

For Microsoft, the training project was a great success. In addition to the large spread of expertise, the company benefited above all from the 1400 apps created. These were available on Windows Phone and improved the ecosystem of the platform through their number and high quality. This in turn is the best requirement for a sustainable and well-functioning software platform.