Short Term Development of Large Number of Powerful Apps

About the Customer

Who is NOKIA?

Nokia is a global telecommunications company that was initially world famous for its innovative production of mobile phones. Today, the telecommunications group concentrates primarily on the expansion of telecommunications networks. Although Nokia passed its mobile phone division to Microsoft in 2013, smartphones continue to be sold under the Nokia name due to the company’s good reputation.

Project Background

Nokia developed different platforms for their mobile phones on which various apps were available. Two of these platforms are Nokia X, which provided apps for Android systems, and the Asha platform, which offered apps for Javame systems. 


When a new platform is released, it is important to ensure that there are enough developers who understand the technical features and are able to develop apps for the respective operating systems.

  • Increase number of engeneers who can deal with the new system
  • Spread awareness about the new platform
  • Improvement of the platform ecosystem
  • Ensure that the apps offered are downloaded by customers and increase the use of the platform

The Solution

Implementing Large Scale Workshops

To overcome all these obstacles with a single solution, Nokia hired Mobileaders developers to operate as instructors during a workshop that introduced a large number of engineers to the new technology.

  • Software Development Kit (SDK) Usage for Java me System
  • Training in Publishing and Reviewing New Apps
  • Teaching how to Generate Awareness and Achieve Impact

Our Impact

In order to implement the project, we applied agile software project management and were able to teach important technical knowledge in addition to hands-on application.The participating engineers were able to put these directly into practice and developed high-quality apps under our supervision. These were made available to the Asha platform and thus improved the platform’s ecosystem.

The Success in Numbers

> Decreasing the monthly spendings for the app by 45%
> Profit generation of x% after its software refresh
> 2 million bottles of water have been donated within 4 months though the app
> Downloads increased by x%

Nokias Benefits

The Nokia-sponsored project was a great success for the company.

Thanks to Mobileaders’ know-how, it was possible to transmitted awareness and technical knowledge to engineers from all over the country in a very short time.

In addition the Asha plaform benefited from the creation of 400 mobile apps.

Subsequent Collaboration

Due to the successful implementation, Nokia hired Mobileaders for further projects.

Our team conducted a training project for the Nokia X platform. Thanks to Mobileaders, hundreds of engineers gained knowledge in developing high-quality Android applications for the platform and were able to expand their knowledge in all disciplines.

As a result of conducting the Nokia X workshop, the platform benefited from the creation of 400 apps that significantly improved the ecosystem of the platform, adding value to the business.

Nokia thanked our engineers for this achievement by awarding them the Lumia Pro Award 2014.