Cost Optimisation and Profit Gain

About the Customer

Who is Sabeel?

Traditional Gesture through Modern Technology

One of our loyal clients that we have been able to help in its business growth process is the company Sabeel. The drinking water supplier is an emerging start-up company which aims to enable people, regardless of their location, to safely donate drinking water to worshippers in mosques all over the world. The values of the company are to provide high quality, and give their users safety for their donations.

Project Background

The idea of the company was to provide an app with which users could specify the number of water bottles they want to donate and, via a map, specify the mosque to which they want to donate the water.

The app should handle everything from requesting donations to payment, delivery and the provision of refrigerators, which also could be donated by the app.


  • High Monthly Costs
  • Ineffective and Weak Software
  • Lack of Important Applications for Global Use

The Solution

Professional Software Optimisation

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Mobileader engineers developed an internal optimisation of the software. These improvements ensured safe use and flawless operation of the app through adjustments to drivers and providers.

In addition, Moblieaders delivered a stable software that enhanced processes for the use of:

  • Localisation
  • Logistics
  • Purchasing
  • Payment Options
  • The Outcome

    All added tools contributed significantly to the usability, distribution and use of the app and consequently increased the company’s profits.

    The Success in Numbers

    > Decreasing the monthly spendings for the app by 45%
    > Profit generation of x% after its software refresh
    > 2 million bottles of water have been donated within 4 months though the app
    > Downloads increased by x%